Published On: Mon, Feb 11th, 2013

Swine Flu strikes back in Morocco

By Mohamed Hikal 

Moroco News Tribune

Taroudant, Morocco—A 40-year-old fisherman died of swine flu and 12 cases of the same virus have been reported among fishermen in Dakhla, a city in the southern part of morocco, the Moroccan Health Ministry said Sunday.

“The situation of the eleven seamen is stable and promising, “a health department statement said.

A medical team was deployed aboard the ship in question docked at the port of Dakhla in order to evaluate the situation and decide upon the necessary measures to be taken to contain the situation, the same source added.

The same statement declared that the samples from the subjects were analyzed and showed that this is a seasonal influenza A (H1N1), usually observed at this season.

It also stated that all medical facilities and institutions all around the country were advised to stay alert and get all means necessary ready to intervene as a precautionary measure, just in case any similar suspected medical conditions emerge.

The Moroccan Health Ministry reminded that since the war against H1N1 was brought to an end in August 2010, the WHO (World Health Organization) announced that this condition might continue and strike seasonally as a flu.