Published On: Fri, Feb 1st, 2013

Nass El Ghiwane sings in Tamazight

By Hassan Bendouz

Morocco News Tribune


Agadir, Morocco–The legendary Moroccan music band « Nass Alghiwan », which appeared on the scene in the late 1960’s is working on producing its first song in Amazigh Language for the first time in its artistic journey.

This popular musical group carries a very powerful message of peace, change and a courageous disapproval to corruption and injustice that stand against development in Morocco.

« Nass Alghiwan » represents the voice of all the forgotten and unheard poor of the marginalized villages and the oppressed lower class in Morocco.

In the Western world, whenever mentioned they are referred to as The Rolling Stones of North Africa.  They have been the most politicized of all the Chaabbi-fusion groups and the first band to introduce Western instruments like the modern banjo.

They placed great emphasis on the magic of their well chosen lyrics, which certainly had a great influence on the Moroccan awakening in mid-seventies and eighties. 

Since the foundation of the group,« Nass Alghiwan » has never sang in Amazigh language , but the leader of the band “Omar Ssiyid” confirmed that they have recorded  a song entitled “ Tamaghit”,  which target  issues of unity, diversity and identity within the Moroccan society.

The album is expected to be released in markets between March and April 2013. Mr. Omar Ssiyid added that the members of the well-known Amazigh music band “Izenzarn” had given a hand to their group at the level of lyrics, and pronunciation matters.


  • Mohamed Abouhou

    Waw! This is great! Beginning to realize one`s self and identity.
    Thank you all
    Waiting for the rest of 30 million Moroccans to reconciliate with their true self.

    • allal sadik

      why dont they sing in arabic only. I dont speak amazigh and I dont wanna learn it…and there are many arabs just like me…so what is the point

      • Zouhir Azruhammar

        the point is you might be a racist and you should do something about it before its too late!