Published On: Fri, Mar 8th, 2013

Future of Moroccan Press At Stake



By Mohamed Hikal

Morocco News Tribune


Taroudant, Morocco | Amidst speculations surrounding the new press law, Moroccan Hespress magazine revealed that it was able to obtain exclusively the draft version of the new press and publication law in Morocco to be published in its tenth issue.

The scientific committee charged with issuing the law regulating press and publications, is finally done drafting ordinances regulating press and publication, electronic press, professional journalists and the law about establishing the national council for press.

These draft laws will be presented first to a legal commission and then to information ministry before it is finally handed over to parliament, according to the magazine.

The draft issued gives a clear idea on how authorities are expecting the national press to perform and work. That’s why very “particular “publishers and journalists were picked to go through the draft.

“They intend to get the press freedom into a new maze,” said Hespress chief publication manager Fouad Madani in his editorial.

“The new press law is expected to make journalists go through harsh conditions. So, no image could better describe the situation but a dark black cover to stand for the nearing era,” he added.