Published On: Wed, May 8th, 2013

Agreement Signed Between Morocco and Egypt To Double Air Traffic


By Mohammed Amine Qasserras

Morocco News Tribune


Kenitra, Morocco | Morocco and the Arab Republic of Egypt signed an agreement to double air traffic between the two countries up to 14 flights a week instead of seven trips.

Mohammed Ibrahim Sharif, head of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority, said “We have started agreement with several countries to increase air traffic and an agreement already signed with the Moroccan side to increase air traffic between Egypt and Morocco from 7 flights a week to up to 14 flights”

Besides Casablanca airport; we will have other trips between Cairo and Rabat airport,” The Egyptian official said according to “The Egyptian Today” website.

We are currently preparing for signing a similar agreement with Turkey to double trips between Cairo and the Burj Al Arab and Istanbul to 28 flights per week instead of 21 trips.

This initiative comes within the context of enhancing air transport agreements between Egypt and the a number of countries to promote tourism and travel to Egypt, the spokesman added.


  • meridian1

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