Published On: Sat, Feb 9th, 2013

Egypt court bans YouTube for a month for not removing “Innocence of Islam” film

By Mourad Anouar

Morocco News Tribune


Oklahoma City, U.S.AEgypt’s court on Saturday orders the Egyptian government to ban all websites that have posted the controversial anti-Islam film for a period of one month, including YouTube which refused to remove “The Innocence of Islam” film that sparked rioting in the Middle East, Ahram online reported.

The court’s verdict, which applies to all website that helped in circulating the 13-minute offensive film, came after an Egyptian attorney named Hamed Salem filed a lawsuit in September when violent protests swept across a number of Muslim countries.

“If we don’t stop these videos, they will only appear with increasing frequency. We condemn YouTube for allowing the film while “they don’t allow any videos insulting to Jews,” Salem told Ahram Online in September.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic American, was behind the infamous anti-Islam film that depicted the Prophet Mohammad as a religious fraud and womanizer.