Published On: Sun, Feb 17th, 2013

But I’ll try! (a poem)

By Kaoutar Hrari*


But I’ll try!


But I’ll try

Too long, cannot stop now

I said I’ll try, would I?

Be the change I want

Be patient when my blood’s consumed

Be wise when all of me portray madness

I don’t wanna be but I’ll try

To be happy

To be comprehensive

To be strong

To be,

When those moments try to put me apart,

Those feelings try to underestimate myself,

Those burning tempers try to trick my self-control,

Those people try to shatter my dreams,

Those people try to riot my inner peace,

Those and those and those

I just wanna sip life in peace

Thus, I, Ok, I’m trying now to liberate the demon inside

What is wrong with the world? I’m the one

Who dares..

Dares to take the opposite side,

Dares to forgive but not forget

Dares to say no,

Dares to see into the eyes of the truth, unblinking

Dares to go wild,

Dares to enjoy the solitude,

Dares to break the norms,

Dares to keep calm and fight,

Dares to feel the pain, under the rain in vain

Dares to put them off, the masks

Which masks?

Of comprehensions

Of wisdom

Of socializing

Of selling wind

Of arguing with fools

Dares to make my happy endings,

Dares to go for their little piece of heaven,

Dares to grow passionate,

Dares to live,

I don’t, but I’ll try


I don’t, I need,

No more trouble,

No more excuses

No more explanations

No more expectations

No more once-spoken broken promises

No more unloving love,

Am seeking freedom

Neither freedom of speech nor of political expression

The freedom of being Me, and only Me


*Kaoutar Hrari is a Moroccan future Translator. She pursues her Masters in translation at the king Fahd Institute of Translation (Ecole Superieur Roi Fahd de Traduction), Tangier, Morocco. She earned her License degree From Mohamed V university of Rabat, entitled “When Literature and Photography Meet”. She speaks Arabic, English, French and some Spanish. Her centers of interests are Arts, learning languages, voluntary work and cultures, especially African Cultures.


  • Mohamed Hikal

    Nice try Kaoutar! Very moving and inspiring

  • Sarah Brewster

    I really love this, thanks Kaotar. It kinda reflects how am feelin right now in my life and the process you go through of accepting where you are and having the courage of your convictions.

  • Said Bouigherdaine

    Wow ! i just can’t stop reading it again and again , the best part is ” Dares to feel the pain , under the rain in vain …” , That’s really full of emotions !!

  • Khalid ait Massoud

    yeeeah Kaoutar i like this , Courage courage inchallah

  • Mohamed Koutar

    It was really wonderful ^^ …. waiting for other candies from your pen

  • Mohamed LALEJ

    A very good poem Keep it up & Keep the faith