Published On: Thu, Apr 25th, 2013

Fans Think Messi Should Not Have Played Against Bayern


By Stephen Tizzard

Morocco News Tribune

Barcelona, Spain | Leo Messi should not have played against Bayern Munich last night. Around 77% of the fans, according to a survey carried out by Spanish sports website The fans believed that the Argentine was not fit and should not have played against the German outfit.

The Argentine wasn’t very active at the game last night and had no spark at the Allianz Arena. Messi also had no speed on the pitch and found taking on players very difficult, something that we have not seen in the Argentine before.

Messi was the player that covered the least amount of ground at the Allianz Arena covering just 7409 metres or 4.5 kilometers less than Xavi Hernandez. He gave the impression of being injured.

Leo Messi himself said after the game that he was fit to play, but players agent Josep Maria Minguella, revealed to radio station COPE that the player’s own father had said at midday that he was not fit enough to play.

Messi was injured in the first leg against Paris Saint-Germain and played the second leg with the injury, which probably worsened the situation.

The Argentine had not played since then and appeared to be fully recovered as we have seen him training fully with the squad, but the game left many doubts in people’s minds. Should Messi have played against Bayern? The fans don’t think so.