Published On: Sat, May 4th, 2013

‘Drdek’ pills for making buttocks bigger killed a woman in Demnat


By Mohammed Amine Qasserras

Morocco News Tribune



Kenitra, Morocco |Some Morocco media outlets reported that a young woman from Demnat (South of Morocco) died as a result of serious health complications due to consuming a large amount of pills known in Moroccan culture as “Drdek”, which some women resort to in order to enlarge and make their buttocks bigger.

The sources stated that the victim was admitted rapidly to the emergency room in Ibn Sinna hospital in Rabat after her health condition deteriorated, but she died shortly under the influence of materials making up in the pills.

The preliminary investigations showed that the victim got these pills from a person, who is is right now wanted by the justice, is known in the area for selling these types of pillls.

It is note that a large buttock is considered a symbol of woman beauty in Morocco as well as Arab world and Africa.