Published On: Thu, Feb 21st, 2013

Dozens killed in huge Damascus bombing




By Mourad Anouar

Moroco News Tribune


Oklahoma City, U.S.A | At least 53 people were killed and another 200 injured due a massive bomb that ripped through the ruling Baath Party headquarters in central Damascus on Thursday, Syrian media reported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the attack took place in the central Mazraa neighbourhood on Thursday, and left at least 42, including nine members of government forces and many civilians, dead.

“Sixteen Civilians Martyred, 208 Others Injured so far in Terrorist Bombing in al-Thawra Street in Damascus. Car Loaded with Explosives Seized in the Bombing Site,” Syrian News Agency.

AP news agency reported that a car had exploded at a security checkpoint between the Russian embassy and the Baath Party central headquarters.

Aljazeera’s reporter said “The city is under very strict restrictions. People who have come out of Damascus have been telling us about how many checkpoints are there within the city limits, inside the neighbourhoods and between different areas; especially around the headquarters of the Baath Party, the security installations and the presidential palace”.