Published On: Sun, Mar 17th, 2013

Microsoft Acclaims Moroccan Leadership Continentally in Matters of Telecommunication



By Mohamed Hikal

Morocco News Tribune

Taroudant, Morocco | Samir Ben Makhlouf, Microsoft director general in Morocco, acclaimed the leading position that Morocco is taking in matter of telecommunications within the African continent. This position, according to Ben Makhlouf, is attributed to advancement made in the field thanks to many factors.

Ben Makhllouf added, subsequent to the third African colloquium ending Friday, March the 15th, under the slogan ‘Information and communication…Africa’s chances’, that Morocco is required to double its efforts to catch up with developed countries by enhancing its competitiveness in terms of new technologies, especially with the fact that Morocco is in the 81st place internationally.

Ben Makhlouf also said that Morocco possess all the potentials that would ensure an advanced position among the leading countries in matters of telecommunications.

Morocco has got competent human resources as well as high rates in terms of the generalization of electricity linkage. Still, the country needs to improve approaches used in teaching sciences dealing with communications.

In the same respect, Ben Makhlouf called for all Africans to start investing and encouraging innovation and creation in matters of communications instaed of consumption.

Besides, he confirmed that 95 per cent of Africans have no access to internet services.

A communication corporation responsible from The People’s Republic of Benin added that access to internet is one of the biggest challenges facing Africa in the absence of real partnerships in the field.

It is worth mentioning that about 152 members from over 20 countries gathered in Mrrakesh to look into the reality of telecommunication in Africa and figure out solutions to ameliorate it and make it capable of optimizing the function of other domaine closely related and dependent of new technologies.