Published On: Thu, Mar 28th, 2013

Morocco Gives Away a Collection of Rare Books to The Library of Alexandria


By Mourad Anouar

Morocco News Tribune



Oklahoma, U.S.A | Egypt’s Library of Alexandria received on Wednesday Morocco’s delegation,which participates in the Ninth Alexandrina International Book Fair from 23 March to 7 April 2013, with Morocco as the guest of honor, during which the BA is to receive a collection of rare books donated by the Moroccan Ministry of Culture.

 Mr. Mohammed Jaacob, head of international cooperation in the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, said that the Moroccan Ministry of Culture will offer more than a thousand titles to the Library of Alexandria in the coming days, after he has witnessed an increase of interest from Egyptian students in the Moroccan book.

 For his part, Ambassador Ali Maher, adviser to the Director of the Library of Alexandria, welcome this gift, stressing that the library is keen to promote relations with all Moroccan institutions.

 In turn, Dr. Khaled Azab, head of the project at the Library of Alexandria, said that many Moroccan intellectuals have contributed to the library’s projects, researches and the board of trustees including Dr. Asia bin Alawi, and Dr. Ahmed Shouiki binbin.

 He added that the library has launched a campaign to support in the collecting thousands of books to the new library of Fez.

 On the other hand, Lamia Abdel Fattah, acting head of the libraries, confirmed that this gift from Morocco enhances Bibliotheca of Library of Alexandria, espcially that Moroccan books are rare in Egypt and the highly demanded of researchers Egyptian, Arab and foreign, which reflects the impact of Moroccan intellectuals in contemporary Arab culture such as Muhammad Abed al-Jabri, and Abdul god Laroui, Taha Abdul Rahman.

Leila Alholou from Moroccan Ministry of Culture and the Moroccan Ministry of Culture said that the ministry is keen to build bridges of cooperation with the Library of Alexandria, pointing that the gift is only the beginning of a stage actor of mutual relations.

 It is to note that the library is scheduled to hold a number of publishing and printing houses from Egypt, the Arab World and Europe are expected to participate along with a variety of cultural activitiesfeaturing renowned writers, thinkers and artists.



  • Lynne Diligent

    I think they should be working on promoting literacy and reading habits here in MOROCCO.

    • Meknasi

      You took the words out of my mouth.