Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2013

Interview with MoRCE-Net’s Secretary General


By Abdelmjid Seghir

Moroco News Tribune

Agadir, Morocco | Although the first of its kind, MoRCE-Net’s first annual conference in Agadir was a success. The organization of the event and the quality of the papers proved the maturity of MoRCE-Net’s first experience. If you wish to buy phd thesis or find additional information, check for details on the main page of the site.

For more details about this event, Morocco News Tribune was there and came back with a report and an interesting interview with Mr. Mohamed Hassim, MoRCE-Net’s Secretary General.

In addition to being MoRCE-Net’s secretary general, Mr. Hassim is a teacher supervisor and vice president of MATE (Moroccan Association of Teachers of English). Mr. Hassim explains that MoRCE-Net’s first conference was successful because its members are the same people who have been in charge of MATE for a very long time. “MoRCE-Net is not starting from scratch; it’s the fruit of a long legacy of professional people’s hard work.” He says, before adding: “it’s (the conference) the first in time but not the first in experience.”

When asked about the relationship between MATE and MoRCE-Net, Mr. Hassim insists that there is no kind of competition whatsoever.

We are not competing; we are serving our community in different ways.” He says.

Furthermore, Mr. Hassim strengthens the fact that the two associations are working hand in hand for a better teaching/learning environments in Morocco.

MoRCE-Net completes MATE and MATE completes MoRCE-Net.” He insists.

Furthermore, Mr. Hassim reminds of the long heritage left by MATE and acknowledges the work it has done regarding the creation resource centers but says that there is a need for a new association devoted to this very specific objective.

MATE has helped with resource centers but its main role is teacher training.” He adds.

On the other hand, Mr. Hassim introduces MoRCE-Net as being a “project-based” association which adheres to a clear action plan.

In this regard Mr. Hassim explains that there is a kind of accountability in MoRCE-Net.

When you are a MoRCE-Net member, you have to respect the action plan.” Mr. Hassim emphasizes.

About the future of MoRCE-Net, Mr. Hassim says that they are looking for people with valuable “input” in the coming conferences. He says that participants should have something to share and not be passive. Experiences either positive or negative should be shared, put under scrutiny and evaluated so that everyone benefits from them.

In the end, Mr. Hassim assured that he follows Morocco News Tribune’s, which he says “brings fresh reading materials” to the English speaking community in Morocco, before concluding: “We need this kind of platforms for teachers to produce and publish.” 


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    • Abdelmjid Seghir

      Thank you very much. Mr. Hassim is a very nice person and I’m glad I had the chance to interview him.

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