Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2013

Morocco’s Tajdid Tulabi Rejects Any Violation of the Sanctity of Moroccan Universities’ Campuses


By Mohamed Amine Qasserras

Morocco News Tribune




Kenitra, Morocco | The Executive Committee of the Organization Tajdid Tulabi (Student Renewal) have announced their rejection of any form of violation of Moroccan university liberties, or restrictions on freedom of cultural activities and political trials of Students Movement activists within Moroccan universities.

The Executive Committee of Tajdid Tulabi exhibited solidarity with the Justice and Charity Party that was prevented from exercising their rights in having cultural activity in the Faculty of Arts and Human Science at the University of Ibn Tofail in Kenitra which was scheduled on Monday 24th.

Meanwhile, the organization expressed their condemnation of all security interventions that violate the sanctity of the university campus, and the right of students in the cultural acts in the university.

The Committee also addressed those responsible to assume full responsibility for the outcome of the situation in Kenitra, along with its warning of the adoption of the narrow security approach, and the exclusion of students in addressing the imbalances within the university.

The Organization finished their statement by asking all students for more vigilance and responsibility and also called for the need to intensify action and stragglier efforts in defense of the University – the source of science and knowledge.

They also called for More freedoms, dignity and social justice, rejecting at the same time all forms of corruption and despotism.