Published On: Thu, Apr 25th, 2013

Morocco’s Renowned Sheikh Al-Fizaazi Called For the Trial of An Amazigh activist for “Blasphemy”



By Mohammed Amine Qasserros

Morocco News Tribune

Kenitra, Morocco | Morocco’s Renowned Sheikh Muhammad Al-Fizaazi delivered a lecture on the love for the prophet Mohammed in Islam at the university of Ibn Tofail in Kenitra (North of Morocco’s Capital Rabat)

During the lecture, which was organized by Tajdid Tulabi (students’ Renewal) organization on April 23, the Salafist scholar called for the trial of the Moroccan Amzigh activist Ahmed Assid for Blasphemy.

The outspoken cleric started his speech outlining the love of the Prophet Mohamed in Islam, and then he moved to criticize the secular trend in Morocco which opposed the last controversial fatwa issued by Morocco’s High Council of Ulemas (religious scholars) decreeing the death penalty for Moroccan Muslims who left Islam.

Al-Fizaazi stressed in his lecture that “There is no compulsion in religion” and “the Christians and the Jews are welcomed to live among us, but if one of them converted to Islam based on his or her own decision, then she or he decides to leave Islam, one has to inform the Moroccan High Council of Ulemas of his action.

He also called for the trial of the Moroccan Amzigh activist Ahmad Assid who is well-known for his criticism of Islam ,Arabization and conservatism.

Al-Fizaazi was reported to have said that “one of those secularists named Ahmed Assid claimed that Islam has become imcompatible with the world today” and that “Moulay Idriss (Morocco’s first dynasty founder) was born out of wedlock”, considering all these statements as “ provocative and “blasphemous,”

we must file lawsuits against (such people) as the Egyptians have done recently whenver Islam is being the target of anti-reigion secularists,”

I call on all Muslim lawyers to file complaints against Assid,” Sheikh Alfizazi said.

we were wrongfully brought to the court(referring to himself and other Salifist people who were tried for terrorisst acts that hit Morocco in 2003) so why are not they brought for trial as well for their “blasphemous statements?” he added.

Al-Fizaazi said that we have faith in Morocco’s judicial system and we have to look at Egyptians as a good example when they call for a lawsuit against any one who dares to attack Islam religion.

Ahmad Assid already stated in a lecture, acccording to different news websites, that Islam has became imcompatible with the world system today and that the famous letter(accept Islam and you will be saved)sent by the Prophet Muhammed to the kings and heads of then-states and empires is “full of violence and terror” and “should not be taught in our schools,”

The Amazigh activist’s statements caused a wide wave of anger against him, especially in social networks where some facbookers set up a facebook group calling for “a popular trial” for him.


  • Tarik

    This guy is insane! This is not the Islam I believe in. Who the hell is he to come up with these laws. I really feel bad for his followers. I’m glad they don’t get to run the country.