Published On: Mon, Jan 28th, 2013

Student dies after Moroccan police intervention

By Anouar Mzoudi

Morocco News Tribune


Ithaca, U.S.A-- Mohamed El Fizazi, a 22 year old radical leftist student, died yesterday after he had been wounded when the police broke into the campus of Mohamed Ibn Abdellah University in Fes. The student was then taken to the hospital where he died as a result of serious head injuries, Moroccan news website Lakome reported.  

Student sources have indicated that the deceased was a member of the National Union of Moroccan Students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Mohamed Ibn Abdellah University. The deceased was enrolled in the Department of English Literature, and he was expected to graduate this year.

Mohamed Ibn Abdellah University in Fes is a traditional stronghold of leftist students in Morocco. Many male and female leftist students were killed on its campuses before. The most famous incident dates back to 1988 when the Moroccan police shot dead the students Souad El Saidi, Zoubida Khalifa, and Adil El Ajroumi.