Published On: Sun, Apr 7th, 2013

Algerians Upset Due to Hollande’s ‘Backstab in Morocco’



By Mohamed Hikal

Morocco News Tribune



Taroudant, Morocco | The widely read Algerian newspaper ‘Ashorouk Alyawmi’ considered Hollande’s visit to Morocco as ‘uncovering how rediculous what France called a friendship with Algerians’.

This description was published in an article published by the paper under the title of ‘Hollande backstabbing Algeria in Morocco’.

‘The Moroccan along with the French press hailed the outcomes of the visit as very positive. However, it seemed so evident that the pro-Algerian approach that Hollande used to adopt vis-a-vis some serious issues turned out to be only a ‘play’ exposing the conspiracy and showing a political hypocrisy,’ said the newspaper whis considered very close to the Algerian regime.

Ashorouk pointed also to how the French president praised the Moroccan autonomy proposal in the western Sahara.

The newspaper described this as a present to the Moroccan king and pinpinted to how upset the Algerian leaders felt about this.

Ashorouk called this a ‘treachery’since Hollande hadn’t tackled this issue during his visit to Algeria with the same frankness, support and detail as he did in Morocco.

‘The past unites us and the present brings us together,’ said Hollande in his visit to Morocco.

He also confirmed that his visit to Morocco conveyed a message that France trusts Morocco and that the two countries knew how to knit that strong and rare friendship and partnership.

Despite his moving and touhing speeches in Algeria and in spite of the popular reception distinguished by the ‘Sassi Kiss’ as they call it, experts confirmed that Hollande was such an ‘actor’ when he succeeded in providing empty promises for Algerians while he made sure he signed real trade, economic and political treaties with Morocco.

This, according to Ashorouk, shows that France is always the same when dealing with its ex-colonies.

Economic experts confirmed that the nature of treaties that Hollande signed in Morocco compared to the promises he gave in Algeria reflected that the kingdom stays France’s first economic partner as the Algerian Ashorouk.concluded.